National Theatre Live

What is National Theatre Live?

The Royal National Theatre is the UK’s flagship performing arts venue, located across the River Thames from the Houses of Parliament in central London. In 2009, National Theatre Live was started to broadcast globally-acclaimed productions from the National and partner theatres to over 700 cinemas around the world, serving over 11 million viewers. NTL is filmed in front of a live theatre audience and optimized for the big screen, so it’s the next best thing to being there.


The Best of British Theatre, Every Month at the BCRAC.

Sayre Theatre: 
Second Sundays at 3:30 pm
Keystone Theatre: 
Final Fridays at 10 am
book a private screening, subject to availability, each month.
Please contact the BCRAC office at 570.268.2787 or for more information.


$14 Adults
$12 Seniors
$11 Students and Members
available online and at the door

The Crucible

Sayre - March 24  / Keystone - March 31 / 3 hrs

Directed by Lindsey Turner | with Erin Doherty, Brendan Cowell, Nick Fletcher, Fisayo Akinade, Rachel Diedericks, and Eileen Walsh

A witch hunt is beginning in this thunderous new imagining of Arthur Miller’s parable of power and its abuse. Raised to be seen and not heard, a group of young women suddenly find their words have an almighty power. 


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Straight Line Crazy

Sayre - April 16  / Keystone - April 28 / 2h 45m

Directed by Nicholas Hytner | with Ralph Fiennes, Helen Schlesinger, Alana Maria, Mary Stillwagon-Stewart, Danny Webb, and Samuel Barnett  

The most powerful man in NYC, master planner and manipulator Robert Moses, faces resistance from residents with very different ideas for the city. Will the weakness of democracy be exposed in the face of his charismatic conviction?


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Much Ado About Nothing

Sayre - May 14  / Keystone - May 26 / 3 hrs

Directed by Simon Godwin | with Katherine Parkinson, John Heffernan, Eben Fiqueirido, Ioanna Kimbrook, Rufus Wright, and David Judge

Shakespeare’s irresistable rom-com of sun, sea, and mistaken identity is set on the Italian Riviera where a wedding at the legendary Hotel Messina descends into scandalous deception and hilarity, entangling unwitting couples.


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Sayre - June 11  / Keystone - June 30 / 3 hrs

Directed by Clint Dyer | with Giles Terera, Rosy McEwen, Paul Hilton, and Tanya Franks

A white senator’s daughter and black refugee wed in secret in Shakespeare’s enduring tragedy of boundary-defying love. But as unseen forces conspire against them, the couple finds their fate is not theirs to decide. 


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The Best of Enemies

Sayre - July 9  / Keystone - July 28 / 2h 30m

Directed by Clint Dyer | with Zachary Quinto and David Harewood

American election, 1968. All eyes are on the battle between the cunning conservative William F. Buckley Jr. and the unruly liberal Gore Vidal. During a new nightly television format, they debate the moral landscape of a shattered nation. Television news is about to be transformed forever.


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The Seagull

Sayre - August 13 / Keystone - August 25 / 2h 44m

Directed by Jamie Lloyd | with Emilia Clarke, Indira Varma, Tom Rhys Harries, Sophie Wu, Daniel Monks, and Robert Glenister

Chekhov’s tale of love and loneliness is set in an isolated community where dreams lie in tatters and hearts are broken. A young woman longs for fame, a young man pines for love, and a writer for success. Yet, there is nowhere left to turn.


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Sayre - September 10 / Keystone - September 29 / 2h 40m

Directed by Dominic Cook | with David Tennant, Elliot Levey, and Sharon Small

As the world faces its Second World War, John Halder, a good, intelligent German professor, finds himself swept into the Nazi regime with unthinkable consequences. Tennant returns to the West End in one of Britain’s most powerful political plays.


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Sayre - October 15 / Keystone - October 27 / 2h 10m

Directed by Danny Boyle | with benedict Cumberbatch, Johnnie Lee Miller, Naomie Harris, George Harris, Karl Johnson 

Scientific responsibility, parental neglect, and the nature of good and evil are embedded in Mary Shelley’s classic about Frankenstein’s grotesque yet innocent Creature, cast out by a hostile universe and determined to find his maker.


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